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The HIstory of the Jungle

Birding around this small village gives you a great impression about the local bird life. We will visit agricultural fields, a village and more. It is "Birding with a local touch!"

The Yucatan Peninsula has great archeological sites around Tulum and Cancun which are perfect for birding. Across the Riviera Maya you can make wonderful boat-rides through the mangroves of Rio Lagartos and visit the Sian Kaan Biosphere.

As soon the first rays of light cross the horizon you will hear the songs of the most beautiful birds. 
In every season you can enjoy a large variety of species.  Great for beginners and advanced birders.

Just bring your binoculars and we’ll take care of the rest!!!

Mayan Sites

Ch’ich' is mayan for bird. During this wonderful morning around Tulum you will see many birds and also learn more about the history of the great Mayan civilization.

Rio lagartos

Birding With Steven - Thrilling Bird Watching Tours in the Riviera Maya!

Ria Lagartos is a biosphere where we have a fantastic boat-ride and also do bird-watching on land trying to find endemics like the Mexican Sheartail and Yucatan Wren.

A fantastic tour not far from the Riviera Maya. We will visit two beautiful birding sites surrounded by the jungle to see a large variety of species.

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